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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fans of the CFL Welcomes New Writers!

Here at "Fans of the CFL" aim to give readers a unique perspective on the Canadian Football League. While we already had a number of talented writers on board, we are happy to welcome more writers for our next issue.

The first writer is Greg Bates. Greg is a die-hard Stampeders fan and also a member of http://www.gostampsgo.com/. He also can be heard on the Go Stamps Go internet radio show. Greg will be contributing articles mainly on the Calgary Stampeders.

Next we have Paul Taylor. Despite living in England, Taylor is an avid fan of the Canadian Football League. He has been writing about the CFL on http://www.tosports.ca/. Paul will be adding his insights on the Canadian Football League to our magazine.

We are also happy to welcome Argos' fan Richard Leslie to the team. Richard will be providing readers with stories about the Toronto Argonauts.

With more possible writers on the way, it is safe to say that "Fans of the CFL" is finding more and more ways to keep readers entertained. The more writers we have, the more ways we will ahve to offer a unique perspective on the Canadian Football League.

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